Measurement technology can be found in various fields. In industry, it is a fundamental part of all processes of development, manufacturing, and optimization. Experience BMC Messsysteme in action!

  • Analysis of the spine by measurement technology and data acquisition for perfect training ergonomics

    Measurement technology for health care

    Development of a high end training unit with measurement technology by bmcm.

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  • Brake pressure of commerical vehicles

    Brake pressure of commerical vehicles

    For the inspection of leakage and correct pressure distribution in pneumatic brakes of large commercial vehicles like trucks and buses in the environment of test stands, bmcm offers a perfect solution in hard- and software.

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  • Machine monitoring – Early damage recognition

    Application: Machine monitoring – Early damage recognition

    Avoiding downtime and saving cost in the industrial sector, e.g. in refineries, stone and cement mills, tunnel boring, mining cranes, etc. with the measurement technology of bmcm ...

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  • Milking System

    Application: Milking System

    Since 80 years milking with a machine works on a very high vaccum level. The consequences are the distruction of the ring muscle in the teats of the cows. An innovative device replicates the natural milk pressure and follows those pressures of a calf.

    bmcm has developed the testing technology for this revolutionary milking system.

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  • CNC Milling & Turning

    Application: CNC Milling & Turning

    bmcm has designed a perfectly tuned solution for servicing lathes, milling machines, presses and friction welding machines. The simultanious acquisition and display of digital signals of the incremental encoder and the analog pressure and vibration values enables fast diagnostics on site.

    The implementation of the measurement system AMS42-LAN16fx in combination with NextView can reduce cost through the early diagnosis of downtime.

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  • Test stand

    Application: Test stand

    A test stand is used in the developement as well as in quality monitoring of production processes. Precision and reliability are the most important criteria.

    The implementation of test stands with bmcm products inables a very fast realisation of measurement technology in test stands.

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  • Small Wind Energy Plant

    Application: Small Wind Energy Plant

    Compared to fast rotating small wind energy plants with 3 rotor blades, multi-blade slow rotators produce almost no noise or hectic shadow flicker, but have been significantly less efficient so far.

    Using new technology and materials, the University of Applied Sciences Wuerzburg-Schweinfurt developed the "OptiBine", an optimized slow-rotating wind turbine to approach the efficiency of modern 3-blade systems.
    A "moving" wind channel was simulated by mounting the OptiBine on a train.

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  • Air Pollution

    Application: Air Pollution

    In connection with the EU research project PEGASOS, the Research Center Jülich analyzes hazardous substances in the air, if and how fast they are degraded, and their influence on climatic change. Measurements are done at 100-1000m altitude, where the fate of pollutants is basically decided.

    An ideal job for the Zeppelin NT due to his slowly floating way of flying producing almost no air swirl even when ascending and descending.
    Ideal also for bmcm DAQ hardware with network technology, as measurement is done at many places inside and outside.

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  • Production Data Acquisition

    Application: Production Data Acquisition

    The acquisition of production and machine data in industry is an important factor to improve quality, productivity, and cost efficiency. Information about quantities, rejects, operating times of machines, etc. allows well-founded calculations and specific error search.

    Production data acquisition (PDA) in machine environment requires interference-resistance systems which are able to handle higher voltages, too.

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  • Biogas Plant

    Applikation: Biogas Plant

    Global technologization and population increase call for the use of sustainable, environmentally safe energy systems, such as biogas plants, for example.

    The Technical University Hamburg-Harburg is engaged in this context to maximize material and energetic utilization of biomass. With new fermentation methods, the energy efficiency can be increased and digestates reduced or utilized.

    Many different measuring quantities - one DAQ system.

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  • High-Voltage Power Lines

    Application: High-Voltage Power Lines

    550kV high voltage transmission lines of the next generation will be much more powerful. Using gas insulated transmission lines, very high power capacities can be transmitted through a grounded metal pipe filled with insulation gas.

    To achieve an optimized installation process of both the outer metal pipes and the inner conductors, load tests are necessary to ensure an efficient and safe design.

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  • Refurbishment of Buildings

    Application: Refurbishment of Buildings

    In connection with modernizing insulation of buildings constructed in the fifties, an institute for dry and light weight construction measures the total thermal resistance of house walls before and after the insulation works. Reducing heating costs, improving the indoor climate, and preventing mold formation are targeted.

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  • Research Project Owls

    Application: Research Project Owls

    In the context of bionic research concerning sound localization of barn owls and its relevance for health research and robotics, the influence of the facial feathers to stereoscopic hearing was examined.

    The owls received sound waves from two sides. If they pressed the correct button of two with their bill, they were rewarded with food. The chucking automatic was controlled by a TTL pulse.

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  • Bridge Measurement

    Application: Bridge Measurement

    At highway and railroad bridges permanent loads prevail at the main supporting structures. For safety reasons those have to be supervised regularly.

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  • Cable Car

    Application: Cable Car

    Visitors of the "Nebelhorn", a mountain of the German Alps in the region "Allgaeu", will be looking at just about 400 peaks. For them to enjoy the stunning view without stress, cable cars are subject to highest safety demands.

    All setpoint values for material and technology must be controlled regularly. The results are documented. A reliable, universal, and interference-free measurement system is in demand here.

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  • Car Racing

    Applikation: Car Racing

    Developments and concepts in car racing are often trend-setting for the automotive sector.

    In Hamburg a group of students of engineering technology is developing a racing car in the context of an international competition. A data logger is the optimum solution for the acquisition of automotive data during road tests.

    bmcm measurement technology supports Hawk07!

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  • Cement Mills

    Application: Cement Mills

    For the production of cement, mined minerals - in particular limestone and clay - are grinded by giant mills. Here the following applies: The finer, the higher the quality.

    Regular check-ups if the mills are running smoothly, have a great share in the early detection of damages and providing best quality.

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  • Earthquake Monitoring

    Application: Earthquake Monitoring

    Continuous monitoring of ground activity often helps to early detect impending earthquakes. By determining seismic center and intensity, subsequent catastrophes can be contained.

    If earthmoving is also recorded shortly before the earthquake itself, this may help to understand how and why the earthquake developed.

    With LAN technology by bmcm measured data can be recorded worldwide and synchronized.

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  • Ground Stability Tests

    Application: Ground Stability Tests

    Ground stability is a decisive safety factor in track construction. Particularly high-speed tracks (>200km/h) require dynamic stability tests. The vibration caused by a passing train was simulated by a specially developed vibrating machine (DyStaFIT).

    An ideal field application for LAN measurement technology from bmcm and NextView!

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  • Industrial Robots

    Application: Industrial Robots

    Permanent monitoring of industrial robots, machines, and facilities not just helps to avoid breakdowns, quality defects due to faulty production, or costly operational stops. It also significantly contributes to safety at work.

    bmcm solves this with a LAN data acquisition system combined with a measurement software promptly taking action in case of alarm.

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  • Railtrack Measurement

    Application: Railtrack Measurement

    The development in the field of high-speed trains demands a great deal of rails and road bed. Changes may have disastrous effects but are detectable only after a long period of time.

    This requires measurement technology suitable for long-term supervision and braving the weather.

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  • Rolling Mill

    Application: Rolling Mill

    The service life of the machinery is of vital importance in a rolling mill. Early detection of damaged bearings can save time and costs. Permanent monitoring of bearings and rolls guarantees constant quality and short downtimes.

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  • Zeppelin NT Measurement System

    Application: Zeppelin NT Measurement System

    Airships have been built again since several years in Friedrichshafen. The quiet, smooth floating of the Zeppelin NT ("New Technology") gives the feeling of lightness, its superior flight characteristics open the door to many different fields of operation.

    The quietness is deceiving. The zeppelin is exposed to enormous forces and many tests are necessary before start-up. The data were available on the laptop on board for analysis already during the test flights. A precise examination of all interactions was done later back on the ground.

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  • Wind Energy

    Application: Wind Energy

    Measuring the efficiency of wind power plants is the only reliable way to make energy predictions clarifiying the question of amortization and so finally the acceptance of regenerative energies. In addition, meteorological data can be recorded simultaneously.

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  • Power Measurement of Ships

    Application: Power Measurement of Ships

    The production of a container ship ends in a final test or measuring trip. Here all units are checked if they are working properly.

    An important criterion is the power output of the driving unit in connection with the fuel consumption as this relation is decisive for the economic operation of a ship.

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  • Height Measurement

    Application: Height Measurement

    Imagine you want to know the height of a multi-story building and you do not have a yard stick at hand?

    Very simple: Install a DAQ system connected to a laptop in the elevator, connect an acceleration sensor to it, go up, let a software calculate a double integration afterwards, and there you have the covered distance.

    A perfect job for NextView.

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  • Scanning Tunneling Microscope

    Application: Scanning Tunneling Microscope

    A scanning tunneling microscope displays the atomic structure of conductors and semi-conductors.

    To get information about a sample, the tunnel current generated between the electrically conductive microscope tip and the sample is measured.

    A scanning tunnel microscope was developed in a physics workshop as well as a software with 2D and 3D visualization supporting the DAQ hardware from bmcm.

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  • Stress Tests

    Application: Stress Tests

    Finding out how the body is reacting to physical stress can help detect health problems early enough or give concrete recommendations for training.

    In a stress test on a bicycle or treadmill, electrodes are attached to the upper part of the body transmitting the pulses to the electrocardiogram. The exercise load is increased every few minutes and the blood pressure is taken at each level.

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  • Basics in Measurement

    Application: Basics in Measurement

    How do you get content of teaching across in a most impressive way? Everybody will remember the experiments in physics class demonstrating principles much more vividly than theoretical explanations lasting for hours.

    Measurement technology at your fingertips: bmcm designed a demo board for educational and training purposes to simulate analog signals. In this way basics in sensors, measurement, and electrical engineering are clearly imparted to students and trainees. - Learning by doing!

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