The bmcm Co-Marketing Program

BMC Messsysteme GmbH offers a complex Co-Marketing Program to their specialized trade partners. We believe that all sides will profit from a good and intensive cooperation.

The Three Parts of the bmcm Co-Marketing Program

1. Marketing Support

  • joint product presentation (e.g. catalogs)
  • trade fair support
  • joint PR activities
  • providing of promotional material
  • mutual representation

2. Sales Support

  • we provide you with product information material for the distributor and the customer
    (information when introducing new products, representation of the products on our website)
  • product information material specially for the distributor
  • product training for distributors
  • discount demonstration products

3. Our Services

  • technical support for customers and distributors
    (hotline, website with extensive support and download section)
  • packaging material (e.g. adhesive tapes)

Benefit as a specialized distributor from these services!

Basics for a Fair and Good Cooperation

  • BMC Messsysteme GmbH gives a discount to their specialized distributors according to the distributor's price list.
  • BMC Messsysteme GmbH is clearly presented by the distributing company as an independant manufacturer.
  • Before using our logo or name, BMC Messsysteme GmbH must expressly have agreed to the way of utilization.
  • We cooperate with professional partners – proof of a distributor's pass or a trading license and the assurance of a minimum sales of EUR 10,000 p.a. are required to enjoy our special distributor's conditions.
  • Our products are subject to the final customer retail price maintenance given by us.

You are Active in Specialized Trade and Want to Get in Contact with us?

Then we refer to Mr. R. Rehberg, Tel.: 0049-8141-404180-3 or send an e-mail to He will also give you detailed information about our price conditions for distributors.